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The Caniu IT Outsourcing Consulting supports organisations that want to start an Application Outsourcing journey or review. Our support may comprise the Sourcing Strategy, Business Case, Supplier Selection, Contract Negotiation and Set-up until the operational management of the transition and the outsourcing service provider 

Main goal of the Application-Outsourcing is the optimization of the usage of IT Budget, having a better access to qualified resources to have the best use of internal and external resources.  Application Outsourcing should be considered as a long term and strategic partnership between your organization and the supplier.

We recognize IT outsourcing (to domestic or external service providers) as a core component of a 2-speed approach to the IT, which equips companies against digital attacker and which enables rapid implementation of new/changed strategies and technologies.

According to our Methodology, the following activities are part of a successful and efficient ApplicationOutsourcing:

  • Strategic Alignment

It is crucial to align definition of the Business and IT Strategy in order to achieve your organization’s goals.  Outsourcing can contribute to cost and time-to-market reduction as well as improve the use of critical resources

  • Change Management/Communication Strategy

Outsourcing will change everything, not only your processes and your IT environment, but also on your culture. It is critical for the success of all Outsourcing ventures to define the right communication strategy and channels. The communication strategy should be a result of the sourcing strategy phase.  This will help to build up the internal acceptance as well as reduce the resistance within your organization

  • Service Provider Sourcing and Negotiation

Business Partner Identification and Contracting are extremely complex processes, which determine long term business success. Crucial contract components are regularly missing, like the definition, measurement and alignment of common objectives. Effectivity of sourcing and contracts must be ensured thru quality assurance by experts, who have long operational Outsourcing experience  

  • Transition Management

Knowledge transfer is an on-going process.  For a successful knowledge transfer it is necessary to regularly track the progress. The planning for the services and the people transfer is critical to reduce any interruption to your business and provide the best support for the sourcing and business strategies

  • Performance Management

A clear focus on the Quality and the Timeline and execution are part of the Performance Management in Outsourcing projects. Regular review of the Services provided by the supplier and continuous improvement action items are necessary throughout the program life cycle

  • Cost Management

Cost reduction is usually the main reasons for Outsourcing. Outsourcing also allows your organization, as well as the service provider to generate additional revenue. Therefore, it is critical that both partners do a proper analysis of the scope and price structure of the planned projects before the signature of the agreement

  • Resource Management

This includes continuous optimization of the IT Resources usage, proper system, function and resource portfolio management, IT-Compliance management and Risk management


Caniu can assist you in all these phases. Our advice is based on

  • Many years of experience in consulting, outsourcing planning, transition and management for various Outsourcing objects in different industries - with a sustained increase in the value contribution of IT Investments
  • Caniu's own, proven methodologies for the IT Strategy, IT Governance, IT Risk Management and Outsourcing (ITO, BPO), as well as Program/Project (Risk) Management
  • Our competent, highly experienced consultants
  • Independent and objective advice, coaching, management or consulting - independent from service / software providers, auditors, ... 

Please contact us for more information on our services and to get us to know!

Our Application Outsourcing Advisory Services cover the entire program lifecycle – Sourcing Strategy, Supplier Selection, Pricing Model, Contracting, Finalization of the Knowledge Transfer and the Stabilization of the Processes.  This helps the CIO and Service Managers to successfully execute their initiatives, as well as their tactical strategy:

  • Alignment of IT strategy with the business strategy and requirements
  • Provide a high quality and predictable IT services
  • Increase transparency of the IT service cost

These and more will increase the acceptance of IT services within the organization and will allow your IT organization to become a true partner for the success of your business. 

With the right approach, the organization is able to increase the acceptance and better manage the IT-Budget:

Shaping Phase

  • Review of Current Situation
  • Definition and execution of Communication Strategy
  • Definition and management of the RfP Process
  • Definition and creation of the RfP Documentation
  • Estimation of necessary service volume
  • Definition of Service Catalogue
  • Definition of appropriate Pricing Models
  • RfP Reply and service provider evaluation
  • Definition of Operations Model
  • Transition Planning

Contracting Phase

  • Execution of Communication Strategy
  • Setup of contract framework and documentation
  • Finalization of Service Catalogue, Operations Model and Transition Planning
  • Finalization of Change Request Process
  • Finalization of agreed upon service volume
  • Establishing necessary Performance Management SLAs and penalties
  • Agreement on necessary Liability Requirements
  • Definition of different involved party obligations
  • Agreement on Intellectual Property Rights
  • Definition and agreement on negotiation strategy

Transition Phase

  • Execution of Communication Strategy
  • Coaching and support of the Transition Manager
  • Support with planning necessary Knowledge Transfer Sessions
  • Performance Management reporting and tracking
  • Transition tracking and reporting
  • Evaluating the Knowledge Transfer sessions based on feedback and questionnaires
  • Change Request Process Management

Stabilization and Operations Phase

  • Execution of Communication Strategy
  • Coaching and support of the Service Manager
  • Coaching and support of the retained organization
  • Performance Management reporting and tracking
  • Performance Management adjustment (if necessary)
  • Provider Management
  • Change Request Process Management

Termination/Renewal Phase

  • Execution of Communication Strategy
  • Fit-Gap analysis
  • Preparation of new RfP process (if necessary)
  • Contract review and renewal

Whether as an expert, coach or implementer or manager, we adapt our consulting services in the area IT Outsourcing to your specific needs of support.

Please contact us for more information on our services and to get us to know!

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